1. SpeechSynthesis fingerprint

The SpeechSynthesis interface of the Web Speech API is the control interface of the speech service; it can be used to obtain information about the available synthesized sounds on the device.

We can use the link to detect the list of Speech Voices , as shown below:


To detect the list of Speech Voices, show as follows:

The result of the above figure is set customized by XLogin. The new configuration interface is as follows:

When some websites use this technology to fetch the Speech Voices list, then XLogin will be able to customize the fingerprint of Speech Voices.

2. How to set SSL fingerprint to Chrome official consistent fingerprint ?

In the SSL fingerprint interface, click the Chrome SSL button to set it as a fingerprint consistent with Chrome. For some websites that use SSL detection, using Chrome official fingerprint is more friendly.

3. How to set SSL fingerprint to Chrome official consistent fingerprint ?

You only need to add a startup parameter, provided that you had logged in normally and saved your account and password. Automatic login parameters:


4. If you save the current opened website tabs, it will automatically open all tabs next time when you open the profile.

See as follows:

Enable the browser auxiliary functions, it will automatically loaded when you open the browser, and you will see the icon in the top right corner of the browser.

when you click XLogin icon, there is 2 options which are "Close & Save Tabs"and "Cloes & Clear Tabs".

1) when you click "Close & Save Tabs", it will close the browser and save all currently opened web pages and tabs. And it will automatically restored when you restart it next time. If you want to keep the session logged in, you will also need to set the synchronization Cookie and other switches in the configuration.

2) when you click "Cloes & Clear Tabs", it will clear the previously saved web pages. If you had saved it before, just don’t click this button, then will be restored all pages every time when you open restart it.